January 16, 2010

Presentation to His Excellency, Bishop Emeritus of Gozo (Malta) Mgr. Nicholas Cauchi:

The opportunity to present copies of Nuestros Sacerdotes / Our Priests to Bishop Cauchi has presented itself. In Xaghra, the feast of St. Anthony the Abbot is celebrated. After a week's religious celebrations, the climax is reached at the end of the week. It is always celebrated on the third Sunday of January to be nearer to the Liturgical Feast.

At 19:30 Archpriest Mgr Carmelo Refalo and Lawrence Camillieri presented a copy of “Our Priests” to Bishop Emeritus of Gozo Mgr. Nicholas Cauchi after the Pontifical Mass on the eve of the feast. In the other photo, the Bishop and Archpriest are joined by the Rector of the 15th century chapel dedicated to St. Anthony.