January 22, 2010:

A week's retreat for a group of priests from Malta was coming to an end Friday, January 22nd. The retreat took place at the Jesuits’ Manresa Retreat House in Gozo. It was a great opportunity and no better audience to show the “Our Priests” video as the retreat was coming to a close. A copy of the cd and video was presented to the Superior of the House, Fr. Anthony Cilia S.J. along with a draft copy of the Maltese lyrics (produced with permission). Fr. George S.J. from India was also present. The priests in attendance then had the occasion to listen to “Our Priests,” and they were delighted at the lyrics and the music. They were full of praise for the song and applauded it warmly at the end. Lawrence Camillieri, “Our Priests” Ambassador in Gozo, also showed off his new T-shirt and cap!