Report received from Our Priests Ambassador, Arcadio Mendoza:

During the celebration of the Meeting of the Vicariate of Arabia and Anniversary of the Bishop of UAE, the Filipino host presented the video "Our Priests." It is a very amazing video, it is only a song and a little video clip, but it touched our hearts deeply, and emotionally...

I said to myself that I am so very lucky, that we HAVE OUR priest, as the lyrics said, "Our Priests! They are treasures! Their hands, our saving grace... Instruments of God, they must never be disgraced..." In this part of the video, while listening and watching this part of the video, suddenly those of us there didn't realize it, but tears began to fill our eyes, we felt cold in our body, [we felt] that Jesus Christ embraced us. This song and video that you have made is very very fantastic and great ...really.. really.. it touched our hearts so deeply... God Knows.

The combination of the video clips and the lyrics matched together so well and give us a message in our heart.... We felt so happy at that moment... and that time...! After the celebration, I asked the hosts, where can I find this video clips? Then he told me, and I found it for free on your website, so it is.

I played the video clip many times, and share to the others also, so that they know how important our priests are!

I wanted to buy this DVD or video actually to share with others, so I tried to contact the numbers even though I'm here in UAE, it didn’t matter. I contact your office, because, last Feb. 4, I asked my friend in the Philippines to look for your DVD's and CDs, so, she went to different religious stores including the St. Paul, other Malls, but she didn't find it. I wish you could show your video to You Tube, and give some information or a promotional banners or any advertisement that can be post to every church in the Philippines, so that they can watch it and be inspired by it... Again, I have inform you, that it is very amazing... I tell you, w/tears in my eyes, it is very very nice... God Knows, even though I've played this many times, there is always tears that will appear, because we feel the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in Our Heart, the Royal Priest, that He never takes His eyes off us, that Jesus LOVE us always.

On the coming Feast day Celebration of St. Joseph the Worker we will again share this video. It is already included in the Program Outline, which I called "Movie in the Street."

I have built one Community in our place, as being the Founder of the St. Joseph the Worker Chapel, Founder of the Parish Youth Council, Founder of Altar Server Ministry, Founder of Pastoral Council, and I built the Chapel bigger than before. Below is a picture of the Church (the old Chapel and unfinished construction of the new chapel). I came here in Abu Dhabi for the church... not for myself... to earn money for the church, because the money could not be with me in the graveyard, I cannot bring it to the heaven. I can only bring only memories, hope, faith and love to Jesus that I can leave in the earth as well as I can bring to eternity into heaven, into paradise... that I will present to the angels of Jesus Christ.

Soon I will present "Our Priests" also to the whole community of Our Parish.

I'm Glad and very happy for the songs you've created. I would like to thanks to the lady at your office (I've just forgot her name) the one I'll called before... Because she teach me how to watch the video on the Catholic TV, regarding the Our Priest... I'm so glad, and I found it and, started to watch it, over and over and over again...

Keep up the Good Work.

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, Our God, Be With you All Always.